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Derek Gerber, Global Head of Demand Generation at Directive

“Patty is by far one of the most exceptional team members that anyone could ask for in today’s fast-paced software/saas marketing world. Her unique creativity, amazing copywriting skills, and branding abilities are second to none.

I’m so proud of her relentless resourcefulness and professional representation of our brand.  It’s easy to understand why I always put so much faith in her drive for success.”

Kimiko Hata, Senior Strategist at Canvas Worldwide

“It was a pleasure working with Patricia. From her graphic design knowledge to her excellent communication skills, I was able to learn so much about marketing and parts of content marketing that drive results.

I respect Patricia’s work ethic, and her ability to get things done effectively alone or as part of a team. By working with Patricia, I have gained invaluable knowledge from graphic design tips to how to bring enthusiasm to the job, while maintaining professionalism. I highly recommend Patricia!”

Lisa MacDonald, Director of Marketing at Yamaha Corporation

“Patty is an incredibly talented and professional copywriter of whom I cannot say enough good things. Patty is so accommodating and so proactive – she is just a joy to work with. She takes on mountains of work (happily) and then offers to take on even more when she sees a need that she can help with.

Beyond being a valued teammate, Patty is a very talented and prolific writer. She takes feedback very seriously and refines her understanding of the voice needed for each assignment.

While we worked together, she had the responsibility of writing a wide variety of copy – editorial, eblasts, press releases, scripts – for several dozen brands, and she never failed to find the right voice quickly and then deliver it consistently every single time thereafter.”

Scott Krakoff, Creative Director at Fourth Eye Studio

“I counted on Patty to manage hundreds of production projects for any given week. Her ability to keep up with technology and maintain a keen eye on project details made her indispensable. I welcome the chance to work together again.”

Lisa Komoto, B2B Cloud Computing Executive at Cox Communications

“I have worked with Patty for the past several years and I can say without a doubt that she is the best marketing professional I have ever worked with. Not only is she a superb writer, she is an excellent graphic artist with a keen eye for design and a clear understanding of brand expansion.

I call on Patty for all my marketing needs – whether it’s to create a new marketing packet or add SEO content to my website. She has a creative mind, always coming up with great ideas and never shutting the door on any of my ideas – no matter how crazy.

What I love about working with Patty is her cool and calm demeanor even in the face of what I call “a nightmare.” What seems like a problem to me, is simply something “new and exciting” to Patty. I will recommend her to anyone – except of course, to my competitors.

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