Thanks for stopping by. Here are a few examples of my work.

Examples of blog works (for links to others blogs, please contact me privately at

Homeward Bound Relocation Services

Below are a few effective examples of advertisements, sell sheets and press releases I created while working for I-5 Publishing:


This ad is still running in magazines such as Cigar & Spirits.


This ad is one of three in a series. It ran for a short time in a few major magazines.


Effective. Simple and to the point.

Microsoft Word - Elf on the ShelfPR_copyR1.docx

This press release helped make an online series a success.

Microsoft Word - C&S Golf ChannelPR_copyR1.docx

Another good example of a successful press release.


A direct-response email blast.


This direct response email resulted in major bookstores stocking some would call a ‘hard-to-sell’ publication.


Another successful direct response mailer.

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