Over the course of my 20+ year career in Marketing and Communication, I’ve accumulated quite a body of work. Below are just a few writing and designing samples. If you would like to see more specific examples, please contact me at plabella@me.com or download my Portfolio PDF.


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Case Studies

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Press Releases

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ActivePDF Celebrates 20 Years of PDF Innovation

ActivePDF Renews Partnership with Scott McCarron

ActivePDF Launches Online Learning Center for .NET Software

Explainify Partners with Spaceiac

Explainify Launches New Explainer Video Packages

Social Media Examples (Text & Image)

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Advertising – Copy + Design

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Copy + Image in the Anaheim Ducks Playoff Program
This ad is still running in magazines such as Cigar & Spirits.
This ad is one of three in a series. It ran for a short time in a few major magazines.
Effective. Simple and to the point.
A direct-response email blast.


Example of cross selling with social impact.
Even PDF has a history.
Making the complicated, simple.


Below is a video I co-created for a an explainer video company on their 10-year anniversary. I was involved in the layout, script, and visual concept. I also created the 10-year anniversary logo.


Lessons from a Senior Dog
by Patty La Bella
(I-5 Pet Marketing Newsletter)


There’s value in living with a senior dog. If we open our hearts long enough to listen we can hear the lessons they teach.

As we grow older, thinking tends to take over our time. We find ourselves reflecting on yesterday and worrying about tomorrow.

The senior dog doesn’t dwell on the past nor does she anticipates the future.

As her days of thunderous greetings and frantic kisses give way to a nudge and a nod, the senior dog remains honest to her true self. This old soul celebrates her moment saying – “This is who I am today… but I’m still me.”

The senior dog reminds us to be ourselves instead of who we think we should be.

It’s easy to get caught up in the stresses of a fast moving world. We’re focused so much on the destination that we forget about the journey.


The senior dog reminds us to be where life is instead of where it’s going.

As we watch our senior dogs meditate on the present moment, we too can sink into that state of total being and for a moment take ourselves out of thoughts of time and tasks.

When we sense peacefulness in our old dogs, we realize it in ourselves.

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